The Star huntress

Star huntress (trapped Moon). By Remedios Varo /Spain. 1956

The “Star huntress”, also called “Trapped moon”, was painted in 1956. It has a “mixed technique” on a poster board as a canvas where the painter obtains a coarse texture. The style of painting belongs to the surrealistic movement and in the particular style of Remedios Varo paintings appertain to “metaphysic paint” an Italian movement which research represented oneiric atmospheres, mixed with casual juxtapositions of objects, linking everything with the unconscious mind, beyond physical reality, hence the metaphysical name.

The composition is delicate and flowing with a thin character who is a woman dressed with a buttoned and dark dress and a big coat, which shows artfulness of highlights and shadows, that stand out from the background in a dramatic tone. The focal point is the woman who seems to be floating in the air, and advancing towards the front from the forest. She is coming into a narrow room with high walls and checkered floor. Her delicate hands and arms seem as long as a broom, and they are holding a butterfly net and a cage with the moon hunted in quarter waning.

LiliAyala /April 2018